Analityk wzywa następny Big Altcoin Play jako miliarder Mike Novogratz inwestuje w mało znane aktywa kryptograficzne

Analityk kryptograficzny Alex Saunders śledzi stosunkowo mało znany zasób kryptograficzny, który zwrócił uwagę Galaxy Digital Mike’a Novogratza.

Saunders podkreśla inwestycję Galaxy Digital w RedFOX Labs (RFOX), o której mówił swoim obserwatorom, odkąd była to mikrokapsułka 300 000 $

„Podczas gdy jesteś zajęty zastanawianiem się, jaka będzie kolejna wielka alternatywna gra, Novogratz i Galaxy Digital właśnie zainwestowały w RedFOX Labs. Jedyny inkubator Crypto Gaming, DeFi, dApp i NFT w Azji Południowo-Wschodniej. Szykuję ci go od 300 000 $ kapitalizacji rynkowej. Obecnie jest to kapitalizacja rynkowa wynosząca 30 milionów dolarów ”.

RFOX to token ERC-20. Firma wprowadza narzędzie do obsługi tokena 22 grudnia, wprowadzając na rynek drugą edycję kolekcji Crypto Profit dla mobilnej gry blockchain KOGs.

RFOX token zasilać całą Redfox ekosystem. RFOX będzie używany do opłat transakcyjnych, do rozwijania pul płynności i do tworzenia NFT

W komunikacie prasowym zapowiadającym inwestycję, wiceprezes Galaxy Digital Jon Kol mówi, że laboratoria RedFOX zapewniają firmie zarządzającej aktywami cyfrowymi możliwość uzyskania ekspozycji na rynek kryptowalut Azji Południowo-Wschodniej.

„Postrzegamy Azję Południowo-Wschodnią jako rynek o ogromnym potencjale i od jakiegoś czasu chcieliśmy uzyskać ekspozycję.

Współpraca z RedFOX Labs zapewnia nam tę ekspozycję i pozwala nam uczyć się na podstawie ich wiedzy specjalistycznej w tym regionie ”.

Nie ominie – Zapisz się dostać krypto AGENT dostarczane bezpośrednio do skrzynki odbiorczej

Bitwise Drops its XRP Position in SEC Lawsuit Against Ripple

The Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund has liquidated its holdings in XRP.

Bitwise Asset Management, one of the world’s largest managers of cryptomoney funds, has completely divested itself of its XRP holdings amidst regulatory action against Ripple.

The price of XRP falls by 24% in 24 hours as exchanges begin to remove it from the list
In an official press release, Bitwise announced on Wednesday 23 December that its position in XRP has been liquidated because its fund „does not invest in assets that have a reasonable likelihood of being considered as securities under federal or state securities laws“.

It continues:

„Bitwise’s decision to liquidate its position in XRP was based on consideration of new public information from the SEC’s complaint.
Bitwise’s crypto currency index fund was launched in 2017 to provide Crypto Wealth institutional investors with exposure to digital assets. The fund’s under-managed assets exceeded USD100 million in October thanks to a large influx of advisors, families and hedge funds.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission takes pity on brokers who handle stock tokens
The price of XRP has been in free fall in recent days after the US Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that it was suing parent company Ripple for carrying out a „$1.3 billion unregistered securities offering“. The lawsuit, which was described in a detailed 71-page complaint, is the culmination of a multi-year investigation by the U.S. securities regulator.

The summary of the lawsuit reads:

„From at least 2013 to the present, defendants sold more than 14.6 billion units of a digital asset value called ‚XRP‘, in exchange for cash or other consideration worth more than USD 1.38 billion, to fund Ripple’s operations and enrich Larsen and Garlinghouse.
Traditional custodians of crypto-currencies increase security to match institutional demand
Bitwise is not the only organisation that is abandoning the XRP business. Smaller exchanges such as OSL, Beaxy and CrossTower have either temporarily suspended trading with the token or removed XRP from their offerings altogether.

Brad Garlinghouse believes that Ripple can thrive even if XRP is declared a
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse urges investors and employees not to worry about the lawsuit, but stresses that the legal battle could take a long time to end. In the meantime, RippleNET has very few business operations in the United States, which, in theory, could allow the company to move abroad. Ripple has not indicated any such plans for the near future.

AAVE, YFI ed Elrond aumentano il prezzo Bitcoin oltre i 19.300 dollari

La mossa rialzista di Bitcoin al di sopra di $19.300 sta avvicinando gli altcoin selezionati ai loro livelli di resistenza in testa.

Durante il fine settimana il prezzo Bitcoin (BTC) ha fatto una spinta al di sopra del livello di 19.000 dollari, quando i trader si sono presentati e hanno fornito un volume sufficiente a sostenere l’aumento.

Al momento della scrittura, il prezzo del BTC ha superato il livello di un gagliardetto, ma la fascia da $19.300 a $19.500 continua a presentare una resistenza significativa. Secondo il collaboratore del Cointelegraph, Rakesh Upadhyay:

„Se i tori possono spingere il prezzo al di sopra dei 19.500 dollari fino alla zona di resistenza di 20.000 dollari, completeranno un modello di triangolo ascendente che ha un obiettivo di 22.808,98 dollari“.

Grafico a 4 ore BTC/USDT.

Mentre i tori Bitcoin tentano di spingere il prezzo fino alla resistenza di 19.500 dollari, una manciata di altcoin ha capitalizzato l’azione di prezzo a range-bound di BTC, aumentando i livelli di resistenza chiave.

Il token di governance di (YFI) sta attualmente mostrando una formazione di testa e spalle inversa nell’arco di un’ora e mentre il prezzo spinge i commercianti di scollature cercheranno di raggiungere il livello di 27.750-27.850 dollari.

Grafico YFI/USDT a 1 ora.

I trader avversi al rischio aspetteranno probabilmente una chiusura di 1 ora sopra la scollatura a $26.276 prima di aprire una posizione.

Il grafico a 4 ore mostra anche un gap VPVR che si estende da $26.115 a $27.851 e la RSI è entrata in territorio rialzista oltre i 50. In caso di un pull back, il 20-MA può fornire supporto in quanto si trova molto al di sotto a $25.468.

AAVE sta anche mostrando una costruzione simile a YFI, tranne per il fatto che recentemente si è rotto sopra la scollatura della sua testa inversa e il modello delle spalle per salire a un massimo di 5 giorni a $91,78.

AAVE/USDT grafico a 4 ore.

Questa mossa e l’aumento del volume che l’accompagna ha innescato un po‘ di presa di profitto, ma i trader che danno un rapido sguardo al grafico di AAVE noteranno che i test di supporto più bassi si verificano spesso dopo i rally come quello visto oggi.

La presa di profitto ha portato il prezzo a ritestare il supporto di 85,50 dollari e se questo livello può tenere e Bitcoin non si rompe dal suo gagliardetto, il prezzo AAVE probabilmente recupererà 88,30 dollari. Una chiusura giornaliera superiore a 91,78 dollari aprirà la porta ad AAVE assicurando un nuovo massimo di tutti i tempi sopra i 94,90 dollari.

Un altro altcoin che si sta muovendo con calma è Elrond (EGLD) che si è radunato al 75% da quando ha completato un fondo arrotondato il 7 dicembre. Attualmente, l’EGLD è salito del 10,5% oggi e dopo aver toppato a $20,12 l’altcoin si sta tirando indietro per ritestare i livelli di supporto sottostanti.

EGLD/USDT grafico a 4 ore.

C’è un supporto a 17,42 dollari, e sotto a 16,80 dollari dove risiede il 20-MA e il profilo del volume visibile mostra il supporto.

Grafico giornaliero EGLD/USDT.

Mentre il grafico a 4 ore suggerisce che il movimento rialzista è terminato, il timeframe giornaliero mostra l’EGLD sul punto di superare il massimo del 4 settembre a 20,50 dollari, dopo di che non c’è alcuna resistenza in testa e la possibilità di un nuovo massimo di tutti i tempi sopra i 35 dollari.

Se il prezzo Bitcoin supera con successo i 19.500 dollari e ribalta il livello per sostenere è probabile che YFI, AAVE ed Elrond seguiranno in tandem.

Bitcoin dominance (BTCD) struggles to resist resistance, trend remains uncertain

The BTCD is moving within the resistance of 64.12% to 64.91%.

Long term technical indicators are bullish.

The ETH / BTC pair broke and re-tested the 0.0295 ฿ area.

Bitcoin’s Dominand Rate (BTCD) is currently moving within a crucial resistance zone, both horizontal and diagonal.

Whether or not the Crypto Genius app goes above this resistance will be a major factor in determining its future trend.

Bitcoin dominance seeks to overcome resistance

The BTCD suffered a rejection on November 8. That spawned a steep drop, which took it to a low of 60.80% on November 24. Since then, the BTCD has been gradually rising.

It is currently moving within the 64.12% -64.91% resistance created by the 0.5 and 0.618 fibonacci retracement levels. If it regains this area, it would go a long way in indicating that the trend is up.

The technical indicators in the daily data have already turned bullish, which supports the possibility of a passage of resistance. The uptrend would likely be confirmed by a positive cross in the Stochastic Oscillator.

The importance of this resistance is all the more reinforced when we look at the weekly data. The resistance zone coincides with a resistance line that has been in place since September 2019. So far, this line has been validated four times.

Passing above the line would likely result in a rapid upward movement. On the contrary, the closest support zone is at 62%; a move below the latter would likely cause a rapid drop towards the 52-56% range.

Technical indicators are bullish which supports the possibility of a crossing of the resistance line

Cryptocurrency trader @TradingTank shared a BTCD chart showing an ascending wedge pattern. He claims that going above or below this figure will be a determining factor in whether an altcoin season begins.

The ascending wedge is considered to be a bearish pattern, and the movement it contains appears corrective. Additionally, the RSI is showing an unconfirmed bearish divergence.

While this suggests a likely move below the bevel, the bullish aspect of the larger timescales is not clear as to whether this will push price to new lows, or to an upper low.